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HAAS Alert Safety Cloud - digital in-vehicle safety alerts

Transport Management Consulting are the Australian-based providers of HAAS Alert Safety Cloud products and services including the HAAS Alert HA-5 Transponder and Safety Cloud Dashboard. These HAAS Alert Safety Cloud solutions are a suite of innovative V2X communications solutions and in-vehicle alerting services that improve on-road work vehicle visibility and road safety. 
With a rapidly growing population and corresponding demand for road usage, it is critical to maintain road safety. Drivers regularly fail to slow down or pull over for emergency responders and road workers, despite existing warning equipment. As a result, it is essential that systems and solutions are in place to ensure the safety of workers and everyday road users.
Digital in-vehicle alerting is the current evolution of roadside emergency alerting. When responders and road workers activate their light bars during an emergency response, HAAS Alert Safety Cloud immediately begins sending real-time messages to motorists and vehicles over cellular networks in a way that they cannot overlook. Approaching drivers receive real-time notifications from the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud via navigation applications and in-vehicle technologies that they are already employing. All drivers may get safety card notifications using the free navigation software Waze, which is available on mobile devices and in-dash systems that support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This provides alerted drivers more time to slow down and pull over, minimising the risk of an accident and improving safety for responders, road workers, and other vulnerable road users.
One of the key objectives of the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud is to protect essential road users including, but not limited to:
  • emergency responders
  • construction/ road workers
  • traffic controllers
  • tow trucks drivers
  • roadside assistance personnel.
While these alerts will promote efficiency on the road, they will also increase the safety of these drivers and guarantee they are in a safe and informed environment.
Digital alerting from the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud can be achieved through the installation of dedicated in-vehicle HAAS Alert HA-5 Transponders or by connecting existing fleet data via HA-Direct via a software API. HAAS Safety Cloud access can be provided to any emergency or alerting vehicle, activated on leading telematics systems, and is currently included as standard equipment on new emergency gear in the United States.
Additionally, HAAS Alert Safety Cloud may be established within a single agency or across numerous coordinating agencies with no data expenses and minimum equipment to provide quick connection and protection. Modern public safety organisations must balance privacy, security, and adaptability. HAAS Alert Safety Cloud gives responders control by allowing agencies to determine when and how driving alerts are issued.
Most recently in Australia, we have installed the HAAS Alert HA-5 Transponder in SAFET2, Transport for NSW's road safety technology vehicle. This provides a platform to illustrate the benefits of HAAS Alert Safety Cloud alerts in an Australian environment.  
The use cases and case studies listed below provide additional details regarding how the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud products are tailored to each mobility use case and can enhance the overall transportation network.
As Australian providers of the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud suite, we can show you how using HAAS Alert Safety Cloud products and services can better protect your workers, reduce crashes and improve road safety.



Improve On-Road Work Health and Safety



Increase Real-Time Fleet Management Safety & Efficiency 



Transport for NSW SAFET2


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