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Traffic Engineering, Traffic Reports and Traffic Studies

Ensuring safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, goods and vehicle traffic is critical for any building development or road network. We provide road and traffic engineering advice for new sites or to improve existing traffic and safety issues. We also perform traffic impact assessments (TIAs) and are able develop Traffic Reports and perform Traffic Studies to support Council Development Applications, answering traffic and parking requirements.

Our traffic engineering and traffic impact assessment advice ensures our clients are able to maintain safe, efficient and effective traffic movements. As qualified and experienced traffic engineers, we view traffic management and safety through an expert lens to provide practical traffic solutions that address operational, logistical, safety and traffic efficiency issues. Traffic flow and safety is unique to a site, and we use our traffic engineering approach to develop practical solutions and advice.

We provide traffic engineering and traffic management consulting services for a variety of sites and situations, including:

  • industrial and commercial sites, including internal roads and carparks

  • residential sites including driveways, roadways and intersections

  • school traffic management plans and review of traffic management arrangements

  • carpark design and traffic management

  • review of traffic impacts and production of Traffic Reports and Traffic Studies to support Development Applications

  • review and advice on traffic management required at construction sites.


Together with our clients, we work to identify and analyse existing and potential traffic and safety issues and risks involving pedestrians and vehicles. We apply our traffic engineering expertise to develop traffic management and safety options that minimise impacts on operational efficiency and ensure our solutions are practical and implementable.

Our traffic engineering assessments are comprehensive, allowing us to develop and consider practical traffic and safety solutions that may include road geometric road designs, signage, line marking, traffic management and control. In addition, we can also apply intelligent transport systems and technology to support traffic management and safety.

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