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About Us

Transport Management Consulting (TMC) is an traffic and transport focused engineering and management consulting firm dedicated to helping organisations realise their business goals by capitalising on business and technology opportunities. We provide a range of traffic management, traffic engineering, transport management and transport technology consulting services to government and private clients. We deliver value to our clients by tailoring and connecting these solutions with their business needs, enabling clients to deliver outcomes. 

Transport is rapidly evolving.  Future transport will be multi-modal, integrated and on-demand, utilising the latest advancements in technology. Vehicles traversing the network will be connected, autonomous and optimised. Travellers will have continuous real-time access to information to allow the best journey options. To manage this new environment, road and transport operators need to be able to balance the capacity and availability of their networks with traveller demands to ensure optimal network efficiency and effectiveness. TMC harnesses the potential of these emerging transport trends and technologies, enabling our clients to capitalise on them to achieve business success.

We guide our clients on their transport journey, across infrastructure, business services and technology. We ensure businesses maximise their opportunities across the spectrum of transport operations management and technology, from business strategy and improvement, through to the ICT and ITS domains.

At TMC, knowledge is key to our success. We are proud of our team’s knowledge and expertise built through years of industry experience. TMC has extensive experience working with Government and industry and have a thorough understanding of the needs and issues facing the road and transport industry. We are recognised for our holistic vision and understanding of the transport management industry and approach each engagement with a strategic view to maximise client outcomes. We combine our deep knowledge of the road and transport domains with expertise in technology and innovation to successfully address real-world issues, delivering value to organisations operating in the road and transport industry. We can provide all your traffic management, traffic engineering and traffic technology consulting needs.

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