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Australian HAAS Alert Safety Cloud Case Study: Transport for NSW SAFET2 

TfNSW has deployed HAAS HAAS Alert Safety Cloud digital systems on its SAFET2 research vehicle (a Volvo XC90). The vehicle is a platform for advanced road safety technology. SAFET2 can demonstrate the benefits of HAAS Alert Safety Cloud alerts to Australian road users, thereby contributing to improving road safety and reducing the road toll.

Digital alerting reduces the risk of a collision by providing motorists and vehicles with earlier notice of on-road hazards such as roadside assistance and emergency vehicles. The signals, which are transmitted via cellular networks to popular navigation apps and car dashboards, have been shown to reduce the likelihood of a collision by up to 90%.

TfNSW aims to achieve zero trauma on NSW roads, in accordance with the 2026 Road Safety Action Plan. Hence, adopting new technology and innovation such as the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud is a primary enabler. The trialling and adoption of low-cost retrofitted technology alternatives to increase vulnerable road user detection and warning, as well as to improve awareness from the driver's position, has been identified by TfNSW as one of the essential actions.

Based on research and statistics, NSW road safety has significantly improved in recent years as a result of the implementation of new and proven technology and government collaboration. With innovations of various purposes and functions being developed at a rapid pace, it is critical to embrace and adopt these systems in order to achieve improved road safety. As a result, the implementation of HAAS HAAS Alert Safety Cloud illustrates the government's efforts to increase safety potential through adopting road safety technologies.

Transport Management Consulting are the Australian-based providers of HAAS Alert Safety Cloud suite of products, including the HAAS Alert HA-5 Transponder and Safety Cloud Dashboard. Contact us to find out how we can help improve road safety in your jurisdiction. 
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