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Request a Free Quote for a Traffic Management Plan (TMP)/Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS)/Traffic Control Plan (TCP)

What is a traffic control plan (TCP)/traffic guidance scheme (TGS)?

A traffic control plan (TCP) or traffic guidance scheme (TGS) is a document that outlines the methods and devices used to safely direct traffic around, past or through a work zone. It details the measures implemented to manage the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal safety. 

What is a traffic management plan (TMP)?

A traffic management plan (TMP) is an overarching document that encompasses TCPs/TGSs and provides a strategy for integrating specific work zone operations into the broader road network. It ensures the safety of both the workers and road users and strives to preserve the functionality of the road network. 

Why are TCPs, TGSs and TMPs required?

TCPs, TGSs and TMPs are critical for obtaining necessary permits, complying with council and state road safety regulations, satisfying Development Application (DA) conditions, and addressing various other regulatory requirements. Implementing TCPs, TGSs and TMPs ensures that traffic management adheres to standardised practices, helping to prevent accidents and confusion on the roads. For businesses and contractors, these plans are not just about compliance; they are about demonstrating a commitment to public safety and efficient project management.

How can we help?

We can help by providing customised TCPs, TGSs and TMPs to meet your specific needs. Our TCPs, TGSs and TMPs comply with the requirements of the Traffic Control at Work Sites (TCAWS) manual by Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW), the Australian Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM) by Austroads, the Australian Standard AS1742.3 (Traffic Control for Works on Roads) and other relevant guidelines. We are SafeWork NSW certified and take necessary steps to ensure that all TCPs, TGSs and TMPs are designed with the utmost consideration for public and worker safety.

Why choose us?

At TMC, we bring over 25 years of traffic and transport engineering experience working with state government and private industries to deliver TCPs, TGSs and TMPs.


Our team of qualified engineers are dedicated to providing TCPs, TGSs and TMPs that are designed to maximise safety, while minimising traffic management costs.


With TMC, you get proven experience and tailored strategies.

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