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Real-time Traffic and Transport Operations

With a rapidly growing urban population, there is a continued increase in vehicles, trips and road users generating congestion and the occurrence of unplanned incidents. This places a significant demand for real-time traffic management to improve the quality, reliability and performance of road operations. Coupled with this ever-increasing traffic is the need for road and transport agencies to manage multimodal road and transport operations. This increase in demand has placed pressure on transport agencies to increase their operational skills and capabilities for their Traffic and Transport Management Centres (TMCs) and Transport Operations Centres (TOCs), which are the key operational arms responsible for traffic operations, incident and event management and traveller information. TMC recognises the importance of network management coupled with advanced technology to effectively relieve demand-related pressures and promote safe and efficient roads for users. We offers a range of services to assist road and transport operators with the real-time traffic and transport operations.

With the right operational processes and organisational capabilities coupled with intelligent transport systems technologies (including incident and event management, traffic control applications; and technology including sensors, cameras, variable speed and message signs), strategic real-time management of road and transport network can be achieved. These practices have returned significant positive results to improve road efficiency, customer experience, and safety. 

We have a heritage in real-time traffic and transport operations stemming from years of executive, management and operational roles across traffic and transport operations and intelligent transport systems technology management within Australian Traffic and Transport Management Centres. We have real-world experience operating road and transport networks and integration of multimodal operations and are aware of the pressures and requirements of these operational facilities. These experiences and expertise are used to provide unique and advanced insights and advice to our clients wanting to improve their real-time operations. 

TMC can assist with a range of real-time traffic and transport advice and support, including definition of the TMC and TOC organisational capabilities, developing strategies for capability improvement, business process improvement for real-time operations (including incidents, events and traveller demand), development of requirements and architecture for real-time situational awareness tools, event and incident management tools; and business analytics and intelligence tools to assist monitoring, assessment, and performance insights. We can help you strengthen your understanding of real-time operations to enhance your ability to monitor, understand, decide, respond and report on road and transport network management issues. Our goal is to help you reach maximum optimisation in real-time traffic and transport operations and deliver better community outcomes. 

Our recent work has included:

  • developing a Capability Model for the NSW Transport Management Centre, that included their capabilities across network operational planning, operational execution, real-time communications, special event management, and continuous improvement

  • developing an organisational Capability Development Roadmap for the NSW Transport Management Centre, which established a five-year plan prioritised plan for capability development for its real-time operational areas

  • leading and managing a study into best practices in smart motorways capabilities for Australian and New Zealand road agencies, which included the specification and development of a smart motorway operational classification model, operational capability framework and motorway project integration framework

  • developing an organisational Capability Model and Capacity Plan for the new Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads Southeast Queensland Operations facility

  • developing application and system requirements for the NSW Intelligent Congestion Management Program, a $123 million in a world leading multi modal transport management system that will enable the NSW Transport Management Centre to make faster, more informed decisions making passenger journeys more reliable and reducing the cost of congestion.

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