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HAAS Alert Safety Cloud Use Case: Improve On-Road Work Health and Safety

HAAS Alert Safety Cloud products provide innovative V2X communications and in-vehicle alerting services that improve on-road work vehicle visibility and road safety. The HAAS Safety Cloud products and services can help support your organisation's WHS obligations through improved visibility of on-road workers.
Employers in Australia are required by law to create a safe working environment for all of their employees. As per Australian government guidelines, workplace health and safety refers to the management of hazards towards the health and safety of everyone in your workplace. Work health and safety (WHS) is concerned with ensuring a safe workplace and removing or minimising anything that might endanger someone's well-being.
In an ever-increasingly congested road environment, it is critical to go above and beyond for your employees by improving the health and safety of their working environment, which can lead to the following benefits:
  • Improved work performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Overall improved health and wellbeing
  • Improved work involvement and social inclusion
  • Fewer workplace injuries and claims for workers' compensation.

The HAAS Alert Safety Cloud will achieve two notable objectives in the context of roadworkers and essential road users: collision reduction and compliance with emergency vehicles. Emergency, roadside, state, and council organisations can utilise the Safety Cloud HAAS Alert equipment and services. By integrating your fleet with Safety Cloud, you could be joining other agencies and fleets who value safety. Safety Cloud instantly notifies adjacent motorists and other emergency personnel of your presence as soon as you activate your lights and sirens by seamlessly connecting to your vehicle.

Safety Cloud by HAAS is dedicated to servicing the health and safety of first responders, emergency personnel and roadworkers. Safety Cloud protects responders and improves emergency alerting by notifying oncoming vehicles in real time before they encounter emergency personnel on or near the roadway, giving them more time to slow down and move aside. This device has the potential to improve driver awareness while also safeguarding responders and workers. 

Additionally, it is the law to slow down and pull over for cars on the road that have their emergency lights on. Drivers frequently fail to slow down or pull over for emergency responders and other road workers, despite flashing lights, sirens, and other warning equipment. Safety Cloud can counteract this by assisting drivers in adhering to traffic laws by providing up to 30 seconds of early warning of risks and response cars ahead. This gives drivers more time to safely slow down and move over.
Drivers receive digital notifications from the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud via navigation apps and connected vehicles. All drivers may get safety notifications using the free navigation software Waze, which is available on mobile devices and in-dash systems that support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Any vehicle used for public safety, commercial, maintenance, towing, or council purposes can access the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud. With different HAAS Safety Cloud installation options available, equipping your vehicles is simple and straightforward.
Transport Management Consulting are the Australian-based providers of HAAS Alert Safety Cloud products including the HAAS Alert HA-5 Transponder and Safety Cloud Dashboard. Contact us to find out how these products will help improve the WHS of your on-road workers. 
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