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HAAS Alert Safety Cloud Use Case: Increase Real-Time Fleet Management Safety and Efficiency 

HAAS Alert Safety Cloud products provide innovative V2X communications and in-vehicle alerting services that improve work vehicle visibility and road safety. The HAAS Safety Cloud products and services can help support your organisation's efficiency and safety through improved visibility of your fleet of vehicles and vehicle operators.
HAAS Alert Safety Cloud provides capabilities to tailor situational awareness, manage vehicles, and organise daily fleet operations, in addition to the essential protection of real-time digital alerting and comprehensive collision prevention services. With a completely customisable dashboard that displays the position and status of every HAAS Alert Safety Cloud enabled vehicle, you can manage your fleet in real time. Visibility into response time, on-scene duration, and digital alerting are all standard features.

Users of the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud have access to the HAAS Alert Situational Awareness Dashboard, which is equipped with a variety of fleet management tools. Together, HAAS Alert Safety Cloud digital alerts and the dashboard provide additional advantages and insights offered by V2X technology to any associated fleet. This is a useful feature that enables them to better manage their fleets in addition to the vital protection provided by digital alerts. Fleet managers and operators may have access to a variety of improved capabilities and insights by connecting cars to a dedicated, real-time network.

The HAAS Alert Safety Cloud dashboard is intended to ease the burden of managing a large fleet of emergency, council, commercial or roadside service vehicles. The fleet management system from HAAS Alert Safety Cloud offers a wide range of advantages and advantages exclusive to the platform, such as:
  • Every equipped vehicle's real-time status and location
  • Incident histories
  • Monthly reporting to monitor fleet performance and warnings over time
  • Road restrictions near accidents that are reported as temporary closures
  • Labelling and grouping of the fleet for tracking and organisation
  • Dashboard sharing for partners and trusted users
  • Interoperable visibility for better agency coordination of responses.
This use case has two key outcomes: increased real-time situational awareness on the road and interoperability. By integrating fleet vehicles with Safety Cloud, businesses can monitor fleet location and incident status on a customisable dashboard on any personal device. Furthermore, with a dedicated safety platform, this can improve interoperability by optimising interagency coordination, community response, and incident management.
Transport Management Consulting are the Australian-based providers of HAAS Alert Safety Cloud products including the HAAS Alert HA-5 Transponder, Safety Cloud Dashboard and fleet management system integrations. Contact us to find out how these products will help improve the safety of your vehicle fleet and vehicle operators. 
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