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Transport Operations Planning and Management

Traffic and transport transport operations management is a complex web of interactions that cuts across multiple modes of operation, and various levels of organisations and government agencies. Road and transport is critical to supporting the economy and society. Existing road and transport networks are at or near capacity and operators need to ensure their network’s efficiency, effectiveness and safety is maintained or improved. Therefore, it is essential the management of road and transport infrastructure is optimised.

We assist our clients navigate the planning and management of road and transport networks so they maintain efficient and effective operation against a backdrop of increasing traveller demand. We provide real-world, practical traffic operations and management consulting advisory services and assistance across the different perspectives of strategic planning, tactical management and operation of surface transport networks, for the management of recurrent congestion and road operations, planned and special events, management of disruptions and incidents, and demand management and customer information. We offer expert traffic and transport management engineering and operations advice across the key services performed by Traffic and Transport Management Centres including traffic and transport operations, event management, incident management, and traveller information.

We recognise an ever-growing community and traveller need for multi-modal integration of transport networks, and we can assist organisations with the management of this convergence of transport networks into a unified system. In addition, with the emergence of movements such as connected and autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, and the establishment of the shared economy and mobility-as-a-service, we are well placed to assist organisations transition from siloed operations into the new world of optimised mobility. Our services in transport operations planning and management include:

  • policy development

  • cross-modal integrated network operations planning framework development

  • organisational capability planning

  • business process improvements and modelling

  • strategic and project advice relating to road and surface transport operations and event management, including network operations management, incident management, emergency and disaster management, planned events and special events management

  • traffic and transport impact assessments

  • operations and systems assurance reviews

  • configuration of operational traffic management systems

  • traffic and transport, event, and incident and event reviews and analysis

  • organisational interface agreements

  • transport operations service performance evaluation.

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