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Transport Data Analytics

There is a massive future uncovering the wealth of data captured by various traffic and transport engineering and operations systems as well as other untapped data sources. Access to data and interpretation of information is critical to enable smart business decisions.

We utilise our domain expertise and experience to unlock the benefits of this data for gaining actionable insights to transport planning, management and operations.

We apply analytics tools and techniques to investigate business problems and actively research applications for real-time and historical use of data. These applications may range from gaining operational insights and diagnostics into your transport operations business services, to assisting the development of prediction and pre-emption capabilities for transport-based events, disruptions and transport conditions.


We offer a range of transport data analytics consulting services, including:

  • road, transport data analysis and insights

  • research and development across transport operations planning and management

  • business process modelling and business service improvements

  • strategic and process insights relating to road and surface transport operations

  • review of operations management, incident management, planned event management strategies and plans

  • review and configuration of operational traffic management systems, including incident detection and response algorithms.

Through engagement with road agencies, TMC has been involved with multiple projects within the traffic and transport domain. This extensive experience has equipped our team with the necessary resources and capabilities to perform thorough and insightful transport data analysis. 

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