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Strategy & Enterprise Architecture

With any business or technology change, it is vital to deliver the right solution in a structured and consistent approach that considers the organisation holistically.

We are certified and experienced enterprise architects that can guide your organisation through the planning, development and execution of your strategic goals. We always consider the big picture to ensure any changes to your business are linked, from business strategy through to its supporting applications and technology. Our enterprise architecture services span the entire spectrum of an organisation, from business architecture through to information systems and technology architecture initiatives, and include:

  • concepts of operations

  • future state visions

  • business operating models

  • business capability planning

  • business strategy

  • technology strategy

  • enterprise architecture

  • business and information systems requirements and specifications

  • baseline and target state architectures across business, data and information, applications and technology

  • transition state planning

  • product and service development roadmaps.

Our team has had extensive exposure to strategy and enterprise architecture through engagement with various road agencies. Our work involved defining a strategic process to address the agencies' vision and support their growth towards their target future state. 


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