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Business and Information Technology Solutions

Organisations need to be at the forefront of new, disruptive and emerging technologies, as well as keep up to date with emerging business trends and new customer demands.  Business needs to embrace changes to organisational practices and processes to improve effectiveness and efficiency, and employ the use of new technology to support "moments of truth" in your business.

We can help you identify the opportunities for applying new business processes and technology solutions, understand how they can be leveraged to improve business operations, drive innovation, optimise performance, and respond to changing customer demands. We offer business and technology advisory services covering the full life cycle of business services and technology assets, from strategy and concept development, through to business and technology requirements specification, procurement, implementation, and operations.


Our services include:

  • business process modelling and improvement

  • business model development

  • product strategy

  • technology strategy

  • policy development

  • project planning

  • project management

  • business and technical requirements specifications

  • procurement management

  • contract negotiation

  • solutions and systems design

  • management of development

  • software and systems testing

  • implementation planning

  • operations and maintenance.

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