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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

The move towards connected and coordinated transport network management, increased quality and timeliness of customer information, along with real-time awareness and improved network performance means the amount of intelligent transport systems (ITS) necessary for planning and managing road and transport networks is rapidly evolving and ever increasing.

These systems include the field infrastructure used to monitor and control road traffic; the software applications used in Transport and Traffic Management Centres for day-to-day planning and operations of recurrent congestion, special events, disruptions and incidents; and customer-facing apps used to communicate traveller information. Mixed in with this complex landscape of technology, road and transport businesses also need to be ready to adopt the new world of connected vehicles (C-ITS) and autonomous vehicles, and other trends such as smart cities and the Internet of Things.


TMC is an expert in the ITS and transport operations systems domain. We assist our clients with a range of specialised ITS services from any point in a project or asset’s life cycle, or through an entire life cycle. Whether it is developing a concept for the application of a new technology, assisting with procurement of a major enterprise-wide ITS, or developing a domain reference architecture for your new business service, we can provide a suite of comprehensive offerings that can be tailored to suit. Our services cover the full life cycle of ITS offerings, including:


  • business cases and justifications

  • operational systems and ICT strategy

  • enterprise architecture

  • product reviews

  • requirements specifications

  • solutions architecture and design

  • systems development

  • procurement and negotiation

  • supplier and contract management

  • systems testing

  • systems implementation

  • operations and maintenance.

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