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Traffic Management Plans and Workplace Safety Improvements

Supporting the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, goods and vehicle traffic is critically important for any workplace, building or site. Facility owners, managers and operators need to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and safety of vehicle movements (including materials handing equipment, trucks, light vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians) are maintained or improved. Our team of experienced traffic management consultants provide traffic advice and practical Traffic Management Plans (TMP) that reduce site risks, improve traffic flows and enhance workplace health and safety.

We provide traffic management consultant services and develop Traffic Management Plans to help our clients manage traffic in and around their workplace and site, maintaining safe, efficient and effective traffic operations. We also assist with responding to SafeWork NSW Inspection Reports and Improvement Notices. As traffic engineering consultants, we are qualified to view traffic management and safety through an expert lens and provide practical Traffic Management Plans that help facility managers address operational, logistical, safety and traffic efficiency issues. We know that each situation is unique and we use a traffic engineering and operational analysis approach to study and understand each workplace or site and develop a practical Traffic Management Plan to support workplace operational needs.

Our traffic management consultants provide services including workplace traffic and safety reviews, audits and studies; and develop Traffic Management Plans for a variety of situations, including:

  • warehouse and industrial workplace traffic management, that have a mix of pedestrians, trucks and materials handling equipment including forklifts and pallet riders; 

  • commercial workplace and residential site traffic management that have a blend of visitor, staff and commercial vehicle traffic;

  • construction site traffic management plans that interface with the road network;

  • carpark traffic management plans.

Our Traffic Management Plans provide traditional traffic control and management devices including signage, line marking, barriers and gates, and traffic calming. In addition, where needed, our traffic management consultants can also apply intelligent transport systems and technology, including vehicle and infrastructure mounted traffic control, management and safety equipment.

We work with our clients to understand existing and potential traffic management and safety risks involving plant and people, vehicles, loading and unloading and parking. We use our traffic engineering and traffic management consultant expertise to analyse and develop traffic management and safety options that minimise impacts on operational efficiency and ensure our solutions are practical and implementable.

We can also provide assistance with material specification and manage the procurement and installation of Traffic Management Plan devices, controls and measures; and assistance with Traffic Management Plan staff education and training.

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