Our Capabilities

Transport Management Consulting (TMC) is a Sydney-based traffic engineering and transport management firm providing a range of traffic and transport related consulting services. We serve our clients across traffic management, traffic engineering and planning; strategy, transport operations, enterprise architecture, traffic and transport technology, and project and program delivery. We are outcomes-driven and committed to high quality standards.

Our experience across traffic and transport engineering, planning, operations and management, strategy, intelligent transport systems (ITS), technology and solution delivery, positions us uniquely to provide value throughout the transport sector.

Our capabilities span and support traffic and transport management, planning and operations, emergency and disruption management, planned event management, traveller information, and transport technology. We provide assistance to government and industry in identifying and addressing traffic, transport and technology issues with practical and actionable solutions.

Our Services

At TMC, we merge our unique blend of domain and practice area expertise to provide our clients with a range of services to support their road and transport needs. We have an in-depth understanding of the drivers in this dynamic environment and the need for businesses to adapt, innovate and grow to meet market needs and capitalise on emerging opportunities to gain competitive advantage.


One solution does not always fit all - we use our knowledge, expertise and holistic perspective to address the critical issues and opportunities facing our clients and provide practical, tailored solutions that ensure our clients are future-ready.

Our range of services span engineering, business and technology consulting across the transport sector.

Why Us?

TMC's consultants are professional engineers with more than 40 years combined industry experience.

Our heritage stems from the planning, design, delivery and operations of transport infrastructure, networks and transport technology.  We can identify appropriate business improvements and/or technology solutions to your challenges and problems.

We have expertise in all aspects of transport management and operational technology, and extensive background and experience in Traffic or Transport Management Centre "TMC" operations and systems, including road and transport network operations management, congestion management, incident and disaster/emergency management, special event management, travel demand management and traveller communications.

We are passionate about embracing technology and change, and helping organisations realise their transport visions and outcomes.

Contact Us

Phone: +61 419 976 180

Email: david.yee@tmconsult.com.au

246/813 Pacific Hwy
Chatswood NSW 2067
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